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Meet the Team

Heather Haas, designer and co-owner of Souled Home Design of State College, PA

Heather Haas

Souled Co-Founder

I am a current resident of State College, PA along with my husband, two wonderfully rambunctious children and two very spoiled pups.  Growing up in Florida and being a long way from home I learned what it’s like to create a home away from home.   I was brought to the area to compete for the Penn State University gymnastics team.  While attending college I met my husband and many years later here we are!  What started out as a temporary home away from home has grown into my hometown and  I could not imagine being anywhere else.  As a kid, artistic gymnastics was my first love, but art and design has always held a special place in my heart.  When I wasn't in the gym you could find me doodling in my sketchpad or creating.  Looking back, I never imagined that my passion would become what it is today.  Stacey and I love the opportunities and new challenges that collaborating with clients brings.  Helping our clients achieve their design goals is what brings me joy during this process.  The last few years have been an adventure and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us and SOULED HOME DESIGN.


Stacey Bevilacqua

Souled Co-Founder

As long as I can remember I've had a knack for interior design.  I was shy growing up in the small town of St. Marys, PA.  While my peers enjoyed playing sports, my older sister and I would spend hours organizing and redecorating our shared bedroom.  After graduating from Penn State University, I met my animated and social husband who encouraged me to break out of my shell.  In 2005, we purchased a Victorian home in the historic district in Bellefonte, PA after adopting our four children from Russia.  I loved the challenge of renovating that home to fit the needs of our family while maintaining its historic charm.  Our kitchen was featured in State College Magazine and we received an award from the Bellefonte Historical Architectural Review Board.  Although I was honored, I prefer to be out of the spotlight. Making things beautiful and watching our clients enjoy the transformation is why I do all of this.  I give my husband credit for encouraging me to follow my dream of interior design.  He encouraged my dear friend, Heather and me to take the risk to start SOULED HOME DESIGN, a house flipping business.  To our delight this leap of faith was just a glimpse of what came next and what is to come.  Our flipping business quickly expanded to home staging, retail merchandising, and interior design.  After putting our heart and SOUL into our projects, we sit back and watch the joy it brings to others.

Grace Cousins, designer at Souled Home Design of State College, PA

Grace Cousins

Souled Designer

I am the owner of Grace Ryan Design and am beyond excited and grateful to have the opportunity to collaborate with Stacey and Heather at SOULED HOME DESIGN.  I am a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA with a B.F.A. in interior design.  My passion for design started early in my life because of aunt Stacey, who is one of the founders of SOULED.  I grew up watching her and my parents remodel their historic homes here in State College, PA.  I was always drawing and creating and knew I wanted to help make the world a prettier place along with impacting people in a positive way, the best way I knew how.  My love for drawing, design and hope to follow in my aunt's footsteps are what made me desire to be an interior designer. I enjoy working with Stacey and Heather, the women behind SOULED HOME DESIGN to put SOUL into each design project. 

Features and Collaborations

Features and Collaborations

Check out the recent Redfin article we were featured in: 


In a world where design trends often come and go, there is a timeless allure to incorporating centuries-old materials and techniques into modern design. This enduring charm, celebrated by design experts and enthusiasts alike, transcends the ebb and flow of passing fads. Whether your building in Rochester, NY, or looking for homes in San Marcos, CA, this Redfin article, we explore the enduring appeal of materials like limestone, travertine, klismos chairs, and tadelakt plaster, and how they maintain their relevance in today’s design landscape. 


Read the full article here: How to Blend Ancient Materials & Modern Design | Redfin

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Featured Article

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